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Body n Brain (BnB) Yoga Studio

Access to over 150 studios!

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Workout & Heal

This is a physical experience as well as a mental one
You’ll be mentally focused and calm as you workout. Open your mind and heart for healing.

Various Programs

Don’t restrict yourself to just Yoga
Yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation, detox, and rhythmic movements are all components of our class. There’s something here for everyone.

BnB is for everyone

Great for people of all levels
All classes are designed for any level of physical condition and require no previous knowledge or experience.
Great for all levels and body types

Body & Brain (BnB) is a national leader in holistic health and wellness. Their classes in yoga, Taichi, meditation, detoxification, and rhythmic movement combine East Asian healing and energy philosophies. It isn’t just for your physical health; there is a focus on exercise, workshops, and programs to also open your mind and heart for rich experiences of inner healing. The purpose of this form of yoga is to heal and strengthen your body, calm your emotions, and quiet your mind in order to awaken your true nature. BnB yoga takes pride in its passion to bring someone back into themselves by connecting to their breath and internal being, while stimulating and activating all other parts of one’s body.  All classes are designed for any level of physical condition and require no previous knowledge or experience.


Intestinal Detox: Many toxins and blockages accumulate in the intestines, which can affect all other internal organs.
This class focuses on increasing blood and energy circulation in the intestines and improves elimination of waste toxins.

Moving Meditation (KiGong): Harmony of movement, breathing and awareness is needed for the effective practice of Ki Gong.
In this class you will learn basic physical movements, breathing techniques and practices to increase Ki awareness. Once your body is filled with internal Ki, its vital activities and natural healing ability are maximized; muscles and cells that have hardened and lost flexibility recover their vitality and suppleness.

Brain Wave Vibration: Brain Wave Vibration is an active, exuberant class that releases stress and is a great cardiovascular workout. Through rhythmic movement to joyful music, the body becomes healthy and the mind full of positivity.

Mind & Body Balance: Throughout the day our minds and bodies get out of balance. This class utilizes deep stretching, proper breathing, and posture therapy to harmonize the body and mind, creating a supple but strong body. We finish each class with relaxation and energy meditation.

Energy Core Class: This class focuses on strengthening the core and building up the internal energy of the lower body and lower chakras. We start with deep stretching to open up the energy channels and then move into exercises to build internal strength, endurance, and better focus.

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BnB Yoga Schedule

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Yoga Class Schedule

6:30 AMIntestinal DetoxEnergy Core
8:30 AMIntestinal DetoxMind&Body
Energy CoreBrain Wave VibrationMind&Body
10:10 AMIntestinal DetoxMind&Body
Energy CoreTai chi
Ki- Gong
Brain Wave VibrationMind&Body
12:00 PM Tai chi
Ki- Gong
4:00 PMMind&Body
6:00 PMIntestinal DetoxBrain Wave VibrationEnergy CoreTai chi
Ki- Gong
7:30 PMTai chi
Ki- Gong