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CGI Featured in Northern Valley Press

Posted by Kristen Sommer | January 24, 2017 | Announcements, Current Events, Promotions

This article originally appeared in the Jan. 23, 2017 North edition of Northern Valley Press.

CLOSTER – CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa proudly presented the grand opening of its Zen Shop and HwangChil Healing Tea Cafe on Saturday, Jan. 14.

CGI, located at 111 Homans Ave. in Closter, is known as a holistic refuge of the highest quality for all matters of health and wellness. In the Bergen County community for over 18 years, the grand opening marked a new road. The General Manager, Michelle Moon, shared the history of Hwangchil. The tree was said to be a “Fountain of Youth” due to its impressive anti-aging qualities. It was so well known for this that the Emperor of China, Shih Huang Ti, came to Jeju Island in Korea, just to collect the Hwangchil tree. Over the years, the tree, especially its lacquer, was used to pay yearly tribute to kings and emperors. Due to its rarity and how it was harvested, the Hwangchil tree nearly became extinct.

Ilchi Lee, a promoter of holistic health and wellness, re-discovered the Hwangchil tree. He began researching Hwangchil diligently, and through this, discovered more trees in Korea, Japan and New Zealand. The vast benefits of the leaves, stems, seeds and roots astounded him. Therefore, he felt both compelled and


General Manager Michelle Moon led attendants in a toast to CGI’s new Zen Shop and HwangChil Healing Tea Cafe.

determined to share. All parts derived from the HwangChil tree have a variety of biologically active compounds including anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-complement, anti-diabetic and anti-atherogenic properties. In a more concentrated form, the sap assists the proper functioning of the nervous system, hormonal stability and digestive tract health. HwangChil is a panacea (or “cure-all”) tea, which is good for detoxifying, anti-aging, cleansing the liver, assisting sleep and providing overall balance within the body, which is a lot for tea.

To better understand what Hwangchil could do, Moon led a guided tea meditation for participants at the grand opening, who said they felt some difference after drinking the tea.

Moon said, “Due to all of the findings by Ilchi Lee, we had wanted to create a Hwangchil Cafe inside of CGI. This way, we are able to bring the ancient wisdom of health and natural healing to the public, which is already what we focus on. Hwangchil merely expands upon our goal, and we are delighted to share it with all who come through CGI’s doors.”

Changes have been made to CGI’s menu in order to both incorporate HwangChil and modify the offerings of soups, fresh organic 


Kyla Heo speaks to attendees at the grand opening.

juices, smoothies and sandwiches to best accommodate for the health and healing of their clientele. CGI cordially invites everyone to see what makes them different. Guests can sample their specials and then stay in the cozy lounge area for as long as they’d like.

Come Get Inspired with CGI, to live the life that you really want. For any questions about CGI’s services or products, call 201-784-5575 ext. 124 or email


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