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Posted by Kristen Sommer | May 2, 2018 | Announcements, Current Events
Lead by Master Bama
Regional Director
Black Belt in Dahnmudo (national trainer)
  • Date: Wed, May 23

  • Location: CGI Body & Brain

  • Fee: $30 (max 20 people)

  • Beginners welcome

Class Outline
Adjusting & Stabilizing Exercises
-To loosen up the muscles and joints
-To open up the blockages in the meridians
-To activate and improve the overall energy circulation
Circulating Exercises
-Developing a strong energy center int he lower abdomen area and enhancing the capability to manage the energy
DahnMuDo is an energy based non-combative and healing martial art and TaiChi, Qigong
DahnMuDo is known as the “The Art of Being Limitless”.  It’s mind-body training methods combine martial arts movements with universal energy principles to help practitioners circulate blood and energy through the body and recover the natural balance and rhythm of the body and mind.
It’s goal lies in training the body and mind to become one.

If you have any questions at all or would like a consultation, call us or leave a message!

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