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Whether your looking for a fitness trainer, yoga instructor, or a leader to your path to wellness we’ve got you covered. Class sessions and private sessions are both available.

Master Michelle JeongIn Moon

Master Michelle began the study and teaching of a methodology that predates the modern age and merges eastern wisdom with western knowledge. As a master in this ancient energy practice, her accomplishments include being certified as a trainer in Heightened Sensory Perception (HSP) with the International Brain Education Association (IBREA), Tao Holistic Healing and retreat programs, and as both a leader and advisor for the Awakening Your Soul, or Finding Your True Self, Workshop.

She specializes and dedicates herself entirely to every client with whom she meets. Private sessions can address all levels of pain — from the physical to the psychological, and penetrate from the conscious to the subconscious mind in order to heal even the most deeply embedded memories and emotions.

While some see her as a coach, and others as a mentor, it is the depth of her sincerity that carries throughout. Her expertise in conjunction with her loyalty to the truest potential inside each client lends to unprecedented fulfillment and a lasting sense of peace that can advance every aspect of life.

Kyla HeoSenior Consultant, Integrative Lifestyle Trainer, Program Director
About Kyla

Kyla began studying Brain Education over a decade ago in search for the meaning of her life. After a successful career in the corporate world, she found inspiration in helping people discover and utilize the infinite power of their brain. She has an exceptional gift in seeing the true potential of individuals, and guiding them to actualize it through clear, comprehensive communication. Kyla leads both group and private self empowerment coaching sessions that have been called transformational. Her background lends well to team building at the highest level, and with her guidance clients achieve unprecedented results.

Jay KimCenter Manager - Body & Brain Yoga (BNB), Wellness Center
About Jay

With over 16 years of instruction, Jay is an experienced BNB Yoga Trainer, Integrative Lifestyle Specialist and a holistic healer. He is the featured trainer for many self development workshops, and has guided over hundreds of people to recognize their full potential. His wisdom and experience lend a warm, comfortable feeling to the Wellness Center, where all are welcome and accepted just as they are.

Hyun Ok KwonLicensed Massage Therapist, Hwal Gong Therapist, BNB Yoga Trainer
About Hyuk Ok

Kwon has been a yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner for over 20 years. Her vast array of knowledge regarding the structure and function of the body give her the ability to target the root of ailments. Even known overseas, her effective healing therapy has eased even the most severe symptoms of sciatic pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, “memory pain” from physical trauma, and body misalignment.

Kristen SommerLicensed Massage Therapist, BNB Yoga Trainer, Main Instructor of the Sun Institute of Massage Therapy
About Kristen

A licensed massage therapist for over 13 years, Kristen has combined her knowledge of holistic health therapies with her genuine desire to help others to create a massage experience unlike any other. Each session is tailored to her clients’ needs, be it relaxation, rehabilitation, or just knocking out a knot or three. Kristen specializes in AcuSwedish massage (a combination of Acupressure and Swedish), as well as traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Acupressure, Reiki, AromaTouch Therapy, and Passive/Active Stretching Techniques. Kristen is excited to share her love of massage with you!

Jonathan MartinezBNB Yoga Trainer, Personal Trainer
About Jonathan

With a foundation deeply rooted in martial arts, boxing, athletics, dance, poetry, art, music and a multitude of philosophic inquiry, Jonathan brings forth a broad spectrum of knowledge to our community as a Life and Health Coach. His experience has developed an unwavering grasp of energetic principles and an inherent understanding of the human design. He has done lectures at local colleges, assisted in the expansion of NYC public school programs for Brain Education character development, at District 7 in the Bronx, for at-risk students.

Allison BlakeHealth & Life Coach, BNB Yoga Trainer
About Allison

Allison Blake is a certified life coach and yoga instructor, as well as a clinically trained counselor specializing in resilience theory. She found the Wellness Center at CGI Holistic Fitness following her graduate studies at Columbia University, and a career dedicated to children in the foster system. She works to create a shift from conventional knowledge to a deeper wisdom with which the true potential of all people can be revealed. Allison has extensive experience with adolescent development, maternal care, and an unwavering belief in the power of the human spirit.

Daehan KimBNB Yoga Trainer, Kids Brain Education Instructor
About Daehan

Daehan has been practicing and teaching BNB Yoga and holistic healing for over 15 years. He has taught brain education to children for nearly a decade. With his dedicated passion to helping adults and children, he brings forth an atmosphere of focused, yet fun, training. Daehan is known for his active contribution through free open classes and to the community through free lectures in parks, businesses, and recreation centers. He is a Gut Health promoter, allowing all people to experience an easy, fun and effective way to heal one’s mind and body.

Frederick KimBNB Yoga Trainer, Tai-chi Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist
About Frederick

With over 10 years of Martial Arts training, and over 5 years of Energy Yoga training, Fred has mastered the art of body movement through katas and stress relieving postures. His involvement in an array of sports, ranging from light to heavy contact, have allowed him to bring his understanding of sports-related injuries to CGI. In becoming a massage therapist and healer, Fred has made use of both Western and Eastern modalities to meet the needs of others. Through his east meets west philosophy, Fred has helped many people to rehabilitate, be free of pain, and improve their overall condition.

Marlene StefanelliCenter Manager - Body & Brain Yoga (BnB) - New CIty, BnB Yoga Trainer
About Marlene

As a Mind & Body Yoga member for eight years, Marlene experienced firsthand the rewarding benefits of healing and Brain Education. Through her own healing journey, she was able to discover the power that she held inside of her, along with her amazing potential to share and help others. Her healing abilities, coupled with her experience of teaching for twenty-five years, enables her to truly help those with physical problems which are similar to her own. After taking Healer School and the Brain Education Instructor Course for Children and Successful Aging, all of her hard work and dedication resulted in her becoming a Body & Brain Yoga instructor. From this, she realized that her calling is to help others, the same way that she was helped.

Nicole WassermanCenter Manager - Body & Brain Yoga (BnB) - West Chester, BnB Yoga Trainer
About Nicole

Nicole began teaching Brain Education to children after working in the fields of nutrition and social work. She realized that Brain Education was the key to helping children learn how to make the right decisions in their lives for their futures and for society. Nicole uses her youthful energy and love for children to help them manage stress, improve their focus, communicate with peers, and build physical, emotional, and mental strength while having tons of fun.

Marni WassermanBody & Brain Yoga (BnB) Instructor
About Marni

Marni Wasserman has joined the CGI Wellness team as a healer, Body & Brain instructor, and Brain Education instructor for both children and adults. As Brain Education has changed her own life tremendously – finally giving her the health of body and clarity in life’s purpose she sought after for many years – she has dedicated her life to sharing this healing program with others. She has been a passionate member of the Body and Brain team since October 2016.