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Insomnia – You’ll fall asleep if you try this

Posted by cgiadmin | November 7, 2016 | Symptoms, Uncategorized, Wellness

How many nights has it been since you had a good nights rest? With intense work schedules and at home duties, we put a tremendous toll on our bodies. The countless over the counter drugs and old wives tales you’ve tried may provide temporary success, but if you’re like most people, these can offset your natural body rhythms and ultimately do more harm than good. Instead, let’s find the root cause of your sleep issues so you can actually function the way you want to in the morning.

Stress, too many thoughts, lack of melatonin are the main causes of insomnia.

    1. Shake your legs in and out as quickly as you can for 5 minutes straight to relax the lower body.
    2. Listen to specialized brain wave lowering music.
    3. Don’t eat 4 hours before preparing to sleep.
    4. Breathe from your abdomen, until you feel calmer.

Doing this daily or even more than once a day will improve your condition. Our members at CGI receive general advice as well as individualized therapy, to achieve health and wellness through effective holistic means.Some suggestions include: private healing sessions, Honor’s Haven retreats, our various yoga classes.

If you have any questions at all or would like a consultation, call us or leave a message!

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