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Kids Programs

Expanding kids growth!
Body & Mind
To be the best they can be.

Kids KigongKids YogaBrain Education


Improve your child’s stamina, focus, and self-control with FUN and CREATIVE ki gong!
Our Kids Ki Gong is the perfect natural remedy for hyperactivity, low self-esteem, and acting out at home or in school. Seeking a healthy, natural way to balance your child’s weight and improve digestive issues?

This gentle but challenging non-martial arts training will help your child move his or her body in a disciplined way, gain internal focus and balance, and improve physical stamina in a way that activates both hemispheres of their brain.

· Improves blood circulation throughout the body as well as to the brain
· Enhances focus, balance and energy circulation through slow, fluid movement
· Strengthens the core and promotes natural muscle definition

They’ll never know they are learning self discipline and mindfulness with all the fun they’re having!

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Help your child NATURALLY reduce stress and improve their focus, mindfulness, and relaxation!

Our kids yoga classes consist of:
· Individual and partner stretching for flexibility and social health
· Physically active games to increase stamina and promote circulation
· Endurance postures for improved balance and focus
· Deep Breathing exercises for mindfulness and relaxation.

When our kids learn how to relax and create their own balance, we also regain ours!

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Brain Education

Activate the full potential of your child’s AMAZING BRAIN!

Our Kids Brain Education program takes the adult Brain Education 5 steps (down) to a whole new level! Each class uses unique physical, emotional, and cognitive exercises to improve focus, creativity, memory, confidence, stress management, and physical health in ages 4-16. Our fun and engaging mind-body training “games” improve efficiency, motivation, self-esteem, peer relationships, anxiety, self-regulation, stress management, and levels of positive behavior in the school and community.

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