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About CGI

CGI represents approaches to holistic health through the integration of East and West and lays the foundation for complete healing on every level of the human body.

Experience Mind & Body Healing. Feel inwardly peaceful and find true happiness.

Our MissionPrinciplesBrain Education

Our Mission

What if exercise was more than just physical activity – What if there was a way to transform your life?
At CGI we specialize in Holistic Health and teach simple, practical, and effective disciplines to attain complete wellness. Our methods develop mastership both of the body and the mind through an incredibly simple and powerful method of Brain Education.
We are living in a world where there is much confusion regarding true health and healing. Our culture is one within which what is conventionally seen as “natural” or “normal” may be, in actuality, not entirely so. CGI offers a harmonious and peaceful environment as well as a dedicated team of deeply caring professionals who provide both powerful and sincere encouragement to each client who walks through our door. The team at CGI is grateful to have guided thousands of people to live healthier, happier and more peaceful lives over the past 18 years of service to the community.

CGI is not merely a modern and beautiful fitness center, complete with a gym, pool, massage center, full sauna facility, and countless classes, workshops and private healing sessions based on ancient Eastern healing practices. But most importantly, CGI is a center of inspiration where the true meaning of holistic fitness can not only be discovered, but fully actualized. By custom building a plan that is tailor made to their individual needs, members are invited to set a new standard for the quality of their lives and build upon a foundation of sustainable success. As a club, we value our members to the utmost degree and see the highest potential in each one. Your goals are our goals, and it is our honor to provide the facility and the framework necessary for their realization. Please join us, and COME GET INSPIRED.

Sincerely yours,

Kyla Heo

General Manager & Director of CGI Wellness Center


Become the “BOS” of your life
Upgrade your Brain Operating System (BOS)

“Benefit All”

As we take care of ourselves on the most fundamental levels, a ripple effect is created throughout the community, country, and eventually, worldwide change becomes a reality. We call this movement the Earth Citizen Movement — one created to establish a worldwide community of individuals who have become the champions of sustainable, healthy, peaceful living.

Brain Education

Brain Education is an innovative educational program designed to develop the full potential of the human brain. It is a progressive convergence of traditional Eastern practices for energy development and mindfulness coupled with new findings from within the fields of neuroscience and education.

Brain Education

Perform at your BEST
Brain Education System Training (BEST)

Distinctions of Brain Education

  1. Integrative approach to equally enhance physical, emotional, and mental well-being
  2. Developing a foundation for people to use their brain capabilities completely and with efficiency
  3. Experiential knowledge, often vastly underestimated, is the very essence of cognitive and character development

The Brain Education (BE) program consists of physical, emotional, and cognitive exercises designed to improve focus, creativity, memory, confidence, stress management, and physical health. Training outcomes include significant, and often dramatic, improvements in clarity, motivation, self-esteem, peer and familial relationships, anxiety, anger, and all levels of apathy or depression.

Re-train your Brain:

The reason we can re-train the brain is because the brain’s neural networks are such that they change according to our experiences, perceptions, thoughts, and emotions. Neuroplasticity accounts for the human brain’s capacity for change in response to our experiences and activities. The very fact that our neurological pathways can change is perhaps the most useful and optimistic of all knowledge. When we accept this as truth, we can become our own agents of change. The following are the steps that BE proposes to re-train your brain to make it more creative, peaceful, and productive:

1st Step: Awareness (know your condition)
2nd Step: Acceptance (without judgement)
3rd Step: Expression (release)
4th Step: Transition toward a “real” life (inward driven vs. outward driven)
*Gut sense to “feel the truth” (inside) vs. learning the truth (outside)
5th Step: Transformation — become your highest self.

Upgrade your Brain Operating System to become the true “BOS” of your life

The human brain is perfectly designed to know and create anything we so choose. Although we have this complete potential in our brains, we often lose ourselves in a way of life that can encourage separation even from the truth of our own capabilities. BOS is an incredibly simple and powerful method that teaches us the way to find your zero point. In this place, all thoughts and emotions dissipate, and a sense of freedom returns to the mind. This, in turn, brings the entire body back to its most balanced state.

It is from the zero point that one can have a clear vision as to what they truly want within their lives. In this place, without judgement or doubt, we will move toward the future with confidence and ownership. What you think and/or believe inevitably becomes your reality.

There are 5 general steps for “upgrading” one’s BOS:

  1. Wake Up and Pay Attention!
  2. Good News makes a Good Brain.
  3. If you CHOOSE it, it will Happen.
  4. Become the Master of Time and Space through the *Humancentric Model.
  5. Design your Environment in order to Benefit All.