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ionized pool

Competitive sized pool with no chlorine!

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No Chlorine

Even our water is different
Our ionized, earth element filtered water is gentler on the skin and won’t damage your hair or swimsuit

Competition Sized

Unsurpassed in Bergen County, NJ
Whether you’re looking to do laps for competitions, or you just want a space to walk and exercise in the water, our pool will help you to achieve your aqua-aerobic goals.

Temperature Controlled

Maintain body temperature
Our heated pool will help you to increase your range of motion….naturally! Experience weightlessness in comfort with soothing water that is neither too hot, nor too cold.
Best Quality Pool Experience

One of the major strengths of our facility is the ionized and heated pool. The ionization process yields an incredibly high quality of water and creates an immediate healing effect. At competition-size, our unique double filtration and overflow system enables the pool water to accumulate earth ions which make the skin softer and the body healthier.

A comprehensive water test is implemented every 2 hours in-house, and a weekly state level of laboratory testing conducted to ensure the highest of quality. Our pool also refreshes itself every 21 days by adding 3 inches of pure ionized water daily.

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