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Why aren’t you losing weight?

Posted by cgiadmin | November 7, 2016 | Symptoms, Uncategorized, Wellness

You exercise every day, you live off water and veggies, and you never miss a vitamin, yet you’re still struggling to maintain or achieve your weight goals. This happens to the best of us. What you may not know is that there may be other factors contributing to your weight struggles. Although each of us have different body composition and body types, it’s shocking that many of us have the same underlying issues.

Stress related emotions, a weak body, and lack of desire. Once these conditions are corrected, you’ll find a dramatic change.

    1. Plan meal times and pre-prepare food. Eat at your set times to create a healthy habit.
    2. When you feel like snacking, drink more water, or eat fruit.
    3. Build core power for enhanced will power, determination, and steadiness.
    4. Walk for at least 20 minutes daily to help with circulation.

Try incorporating these methods into your lifestyle to see dramatic results. At CGI, we have all the tools and services you’ll need to reach your fitness goals from comprehensive health assessments, to the best yoga instructors and fitness trainers. Our members at CGI receive general advice as well as individualized therapy, to achieve health and wellness through effective holistic means. Some suggestions include: Health Coaching, personal training, our brain & body wisdom programs.

If you have any questions at all or would like a consultation, call us or leave a message!

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