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We want to create the best environment for current and new clients using CGI Holistic Fitness & Spa’s beautiful amenities. Please follow these general guidelines for proper etiquette.

  • Please refrain from bringing valuables into the club.
  • CGI is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal belongings.
  • Please eat and drink all food, coffee, tea and other beverages in the cafe/lobby area only.
  • Emergency equipment and a first aid kit are in the pool area on the wall near the lobby entrance door and are clearly marked. Do not use the first aid kit unless it is an emergency and with the supervisor of a CGI staff member.
  • Band-Aids are located at the front desk.
  • Violation of rules found in the Membership Guide, membership contract, and/or this sheet may result in review, suspension, and/or termination of one’s membership.


  • The locker room is a quiet zone. Do not talk loudly.
  • No cell phones, iPads, or tablets allowed in the saunas or therapy rooms.
  • Shower thoroughly with soap before using the saunas or tubs, every time.
  • Do not leave the water running. Help us conserve and preserve hot water.
  • Do not reserve your space in the saunas or shower areas. First come, first serve.
  • No brushing teeth, spitting or nose blowing (without a tissue).
  • No glass containers.
  • No hair dying.
  • No lotions, creams, oils, or face masks in sauna and tub area.
  • Conserve towels: One large and two small towels per person recommended.
  • Clean up your area. Put towels and robes in the bin and throw away all trash.
  • Do not dry bathing suits or clothing in the saunas or therapy rooms.
  • Children 12 years and under are not allowed in the tubs, saunas or therapy rooms.
  • Do not use the saunas if you are pregnant, suffer from a chronic medical condition or have diabetes, high or low blood pressure, heart, skin, or a cardiovascular disease.
  • Do not use the saunas if you have consumed alcohol or are on prescription medication.
  • No running, No spitting.
  • Only indoor shoes that have not been worn outdoors are allowed.


  • Everyone must wear a swimming cap (latex, nylon or silicone) and goggles. No shower caps.
  • Shower thoroughly with soap before entering the pool.
  • Swimming lanes are designated as follows:

    Lane A is for people that like to walk or swim SLOWLY or CLASSES.
    Lane B & C are for FAST lap swimmers.
    Lane D is for FAST lap swimmers or swimming and aquacise CLASSES.

  • Please respect waiting swimmers. Please complete your swim within 30 to 45 minutes. Please communicate with each other as to when you will finish.
  • After swimming: remove your bathing suit before entering the locker room area. Dry off with a towel and dry your bathing suit in the water extractor. Plastic bags are available above the water extractor.
  • Children 12 years and under are not allowed in the pool without a lesson, unless it is Family Swim Day’ on the last Sunday of the month between 12-3pm. They must use the pool showers only before/after a swimming lesson and wait in the lobby for their parent.
  • For any harm or injury incurred or committed in the pool area, a first warning will be given to the party that is proved to have caused the injury, whether intentional or accidental. With the second incident the party(ies) risk being removed from the club. With a third incident, the party(ies) will be permanently removed from the club.
  • Only indoor shoes that have not been worn outdoors are allowed.
  • No running, No diving, No shouting, No eating, No spitting.


  • Only indoor shoes that have not been worn outdoors are permitted.
  • Neatly put back all equipment used in its original place.
  • Please ask staff to turn off the air conditioner / heat when finished.
  • If interested in using the Taorobic Studio during off hours, please contact the front desk regarding your inquiry including day, time, and duration. Price list and pay the fee before you use.

We ask that you kindly respect these basic etiquette guidelines in order to assist us in retaining the quality of our center! See front desk staff with any concerns and with and information on behavior outside of these guidelines.



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